Tips to Get Moving

Photo of Champion mom with children exercising in living room.

You can get moving almost anywhere: at home, work, school, and in your neighborhood. And remember that you don’t need to get all your activity at one time – 10 minutes at a time or 30 minutes five times a week is fine!  The key is to get 150 minutes of physical activity a week if you are an adult and 60 minutes a day if you are a kid. Here are a few tips and secrets to get your family moving. 


  • Lead by example – playing with your kids will encourage them to be more active too.
  • Get moving while watching TV. Do jumping jacks or run in place. Or challenge your kids to a sit-ups contest during commercial breaks.
  • Take family walks in the evening after dinner.
  • Start the day by dancing to your favorite music.
  • Power up in just 10 minutes. Do these quick and easy activities with your kids anytime.


  • Being active helps the mind stay sharp and focused. This can help you get through the workday.
  • Start a walking group with other workers. Having a walking buddy will help you stay motivated and stick to your plan.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
  • Talk to your boss about doing Take Action! This is a free, 10-week worksite wellness program. It encourages employees to set healthy goals. Employees can work in teams to meet their goals.
  • Do yoga stretches at your desk or in a quiet room. This is good when you’re feeling stressed. It can help you relax and refocus.


  • Children who are more active do better in school. This means they focus better, perform better on tests, and behave better in the classroom. 
  • Team up with other parents. Take turns walking your kids to and from school.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher about taking part in the Kids Fitness Challenge.
  • Find out how you can help your child prepare for any physical fitness tests.
  • Talk to your child’s school about recess breaks. Studies show that students who get regular activity during recess do better in school.


  • Being active doesn’t have to be a chore. And it can actually help give you more energy! 
  • Find low-cost or free after-school and summer programs. Check with your local school, parks and recreation department, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, or other community groups.
  • Find safe walking paths in your neighborhood. Make a plan to go for a walk at least three days a week.
  • Walk to nearby places in your neighborhood – the grocery store, a farmers’ market, church, or park.
  • Start a community garden with your neighbors. Take turns planting and harvesting with your neighbors.