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Join the Movement

​Healthy Communities Support Healthy Lives.

We hear it all the time – where you live is important to your health. Everyone deserves a safe and healthy place to live, learn, work, play, and shop. So we're making healthy changes in our neighborhoods, like:
  • Asking for more fresh fruits and vegetables in the places where we eat and shop.
  • Getting healthier menu options in our kids' schools.
  • Putting healthier foods in the vending machines where we work.
  • Talking to our local parks department to get more safe places for our kids to play.
  • Starting community gardens so all our neighbors can enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Finding safe routes so we can walk or bike to places in our communities.

Join the Movement
There’s a change taking place across the nation. People are speaking up for healthy changes in their communities. Why? Because:
  • Every neighborhood deserves to have places where good quality, low-cost fruits and vegetables are easy to get—in our homes, s​chools, jobs, and places where we shop.
  • Every neighborhood deser​ves to have clean, safe places to be physically active.

Join us in making our communities healthier by taking these three steps!

Step 1. Get Inspired
Anybody can make healthy changes happen. The first step is to get inspired by the successes of others. Check out what people across California have already done and think about where you want to get started. Do you want to start at home, your child’s school or even at your workplace? There are so many opportunities to make a difference!

Step 2. Take Action
Lots of communities are taking action to make healthy changes happen – from starting community gardens to creating walkable communities. It starts with you deciding what changes you want to see in your community. Once you decide, we have the resources to help you get started.

Step 3. Become a Champion for Change

Your voice is important because you know best what your family and community needs. By taking action you will be a Champion for Change for your family and community. Learn from others how to become a champion. By choosing to get involved, you are already half-way there. 
Getting Started
  • Talk to your family, friends, and neighbors. Find out what they want to change. Then, decide what you all want to do together. 
  • Start small. Focus on one area – like getting healthier foods at your children’s school or in your workplace. Then, work towards that goal until you make it happen.
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