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Get Moving


​Being healthy means moving more – every day!

As Champions for Change, we try to get our families moving more. 

Why? Because it’s good for our health​, bodies, and minds. 

​We do things like:
  • Walk to nearby places like school, work, and the grocery store. 
  • Dance with our families after dinner. ​​
  • Play a game of soccer with our friends. 
  • Garden – so we can be active and grow healthy foods at the same time!


How much activity​ do you need?

Everybody is different. Find out how much you and your family need in our How Much section.


How do you get moving more every day?

There are many ways to get moving every day. Our Tips to Get Moving will give you lots of ideas on how to move more, no matter where you are.


Why Get Moving?

Being physi​cally active every day is good for your health. 


Physical activity can:
  • ​Give you more energy.
  • Lower stress and help you relax. 
  • Help you get to and keep a healthy body weight.  
  • Lower your risk of serious health problems like obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancer. 
  • Help build and keep your bones, muscles, and joints healthy. 
  • Help you focus better at work. 
  • Help your child focus better at school.
Use the Physical Activity Tracker to help you plan and track your daily physical activity. 
Helpful Tools​​
Did you know?
Being inactive is a more common risk factor for ill health than smoking. Some experts say it is one of the most serious threats to health in the world.