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​Exercise Videos​

Neutr​a​​​​​​​​​​l Spine
​Find your natural posture.  Neutral spine will help reduce the risk of injury to your back while you are active.   

Chest Press
​Stretch triceps and build strength in your triceps and chest.  This exercise will make it easier to open and close heavy doors.  


​​​Wall Slide
​Wall slides will help make your legs stronger and going up stairs easy.  

​Windmills help to build strength in the low back and hips!  It makes picking things up from the floor easier.  ​
​Improve your balance and strength!  Cat-cow will stretch the muscles in the hips, abdominals, shoulders and back.  It also makes these muscles stronger.  


Abdominal Crunch
Strengthen your stomach muscles with crunches! ​ These muscles help support the low back. 




Warrior Pose
The Warrior Pose helps with both balance and leg strength.  


​Fitness Facts
  • ​​Exercise boosts brain power! 
  • Exercise increases energy levels!
  • Exercise melts away stress!
  • Exercise can helpward off disease!
  •  Exercise improves mood!

Finding the Time

  • ​Set your ​​alarm e​arly
  • Make it a family activity
  • Sneak in exercise at lunch
  • Multitask on a treadmill
  • NO MORE COUCH POTATO...exercise while you watch!

If you are waiting for a sign to start exercising....